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In my experience, deep, peaceful sleep is a privilege enjoyed by a rare few.

Harry had never slept as soundly as his wife.  There was a restlessness in him even he could not fathom.  Sometimes it seemed as if he lived the life of two men: what he could accomplish in those early, semi-dark hours, when the rest of the house slept, was what some people would struggle to accomplish throughout an entire day.

The night before, he and his wife had enjoyed dinner and a full bottle of wine before she conceded to fatigue and retired to bed.  She’d forgotten the cellular phone near her empty glass, as people are inclined to do when the hour has passed the phone’s purposes.

Harry, on the other hand, took two Benadryl (a routine he’d established years before, but that continued to work) and sat in his study finishing paperwork from earlier in the day.

As was his habit, he worked until he could work no longer, until the frenzied mechanizations of his mind wound down adequately enough for him to join his wife in bed and fall asleep against her.