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Apple pie and ice cream for breakfast,

Prime rib leftovers for lunch,

Five different types of cheese:

Camembert, Manchego,

Dubliner, Jarlsburg, & Stilton

Still in the packed fridge

Only half-gone and starting to mold.

Every night since Christmas Eve

We’ve been finishing off the dregs

of a German Sparkling, Cab Franc,

And various other bottles

Company left unfinished.

There’ve been daily cigars,

Diesel, Rocky Patel, & Alec Bradley,

Even a bottle of fifteen year old Scotch

Given us as a Christmas gift.

Sleeping in until nine,

Because we stayed awake

until two and three am

Catching up on Netflix:

Orange is the New Black

And Lilyhammer.

Reveling in excess & lazy-to-the-core,

Even the dogs seem drunk with it,

But today, back to work,

Seven am, black, black coffee,

Chores done in a rush

And out the door

As the dogs (and one cat)

Watch the car speed down the road,

Late, phone-forgotten, confused–

(Which day of the week is it, anyway?)

But back to work on January 3rd.