The mind repairs itself in flame and smoke:

When she was eight,
She’d hide under the bed with matches,
Light the gauze, watch it burn,
Then blow it out.

Did you know skin will melt
At 172 degrees Fahrenheit?
Pure flame is blue,
Which means,
The most beautiful fires
Need something to burn.

Gas fires seem fake;
They seem cheap;
They’re boring.

Will the cat jump into the fire,
He asked,
Will the dog?

The best fires burn at night.
It’s when we most need warmth,
Sight, and protection.
Sometimes, we’re also hungry.

I’d wrap myself in a blanket of fire,
But I don’t want my skin to melt,
I’m a baby like that.

Did you know,
A common trait of young sociopaths
Is an obsession with fire?
They also torture animals.

I said,
The mind repairs itself in flame and smoke
But maybe it’s disaster.
Always on the edge of what it needs,
And the complete consumption of its soul.