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Some days you’re confused. You wake up
Wide-eyed and stiff and a little bit troubled.
Lately, it seems there are too many opinions,
And opinions about opinions, and oddly,
Opinions about your opinions about opinions.
What happened to news via bunny ears,
Tin foil and TV trays?
It seems the stars fell from the sky
While we were jumping on trampolines;
Faceless silhouettes, dark images reaching
For the moon, reveling in emptiness.
I remember the first boy who touched
Your breasts, then told you about condoms.
They’re like balloons, he said,
And you imagined people blowing them up.
It’s funny now, but it was simple then:
He touched your breasts, told you about condoms,
And no one cared. Adults slept better
Not knowing, because there’s a grace in ignorance.
We are all smarter now, aren’t we?
Look into our eyes, you’ll see gadgets,
And gadgets for gadgets,
And people taking pictures of gadgets,
But you will have to look deeper to find
Our souls. They faded with the stars
As we bounced and kissed,
And stretched our arms to the moon.