Your memory blows cold,

It chills me,

like a cold spring day.

It rattles my mind,

like a chime,

clanking away.

Our love turned from fire,

to a flower,

Than stone,

And like a rock,

the memory is cold —-


You hear me,

you’re near me,

you’re bound in a prison–

The shadows of my heart.

I hear you,

I’m near you,

I’m bound—

There’s no pulling us apart.


They say be careful

what you fear,

and I feared a lot.

The fire of love can burn,

but cold-stone Love

does not.

You took me up,

like a leaf,

but you let me drop—

And now

your memory blows cold,

but the pain does not.



I can zip up my coat,

put on my gloves,

and walk.

But I take you

with me,

like a snow-covered rock;

Into the spring,

into the summer,

into the fall—

Into the winter

The memory still calls.