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About playing it wrong: each incorrect move you integrate takes ten times the amount of practice to unlearn.  

For Mozart,

Whose music is to the fingers,

Like tongue-twisters to the tongue,

If you’ll accept his offer to dance,

You must learn the steps.

Teach yourself to surrender

As he leads you

From andante to allegretto,

Pushing you away,

Pulling you back to him,

Twirling you round and round

Until you’re dizzy;

You must unlearn everything,

Even walking,

In order to dance.

You’ll wonder if you can,

If it’s possible,

But you’ll love his way,

And want it.

After a time,

You’ll be ready to quit

But do two moves,


Then a string of moves,

Then another string.

And finally, believe you’re learning.

You’ll want to dance more, and more,

To prove it to him,

And yourself.

So, you’ll dance

‘Til you’re exhausted,

And laughing,

And, so thoroughly in love,

The only thing you can do after

Is relax in your favorite chair,

Light a cigar,

Watch the day drift by

In snow,

and the memory of song.