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An amicable divorce is the scariest kind,

because we prefer our American ones

be macabre—on the edge of killing

without actually killing—

like, she tried to run him over,

but she also tried to miss

and it all worked out, because

he married his lover,

she married hers,

and each say they’re happy.

Brian told me—

Sometimes, divorce is a mercy

and just like that

the church granted his annulment.

Gibbons, wolves, french angelfish,

shingleback skinks:

monogamous for life.

Even the seahorse,

whose males carry the young,

and sandhill cranes

with their unison calls,

commit to each other

and never look back.

Yet, tell me what the seahorse

was asked to forgive:

a lie, an indiscretion,

a we don’t love each other anymore?

I literally woke and found you gone;

twenty years later,

I still don’t miss you.