In honor of Robert Burns Day, I would like to share his poem “To a Wild Mountain Daisy.” (my own translation) A few years ago, I translated it and set it to music.  Here are the chords: C#, E, F#, C#. Chorus: C#, E, C#, E, C#, E, C#, E, F#

To A Wild Mountain Daisy

Modest flower,
This is the evil hour;
I must crush your slender stem,
Among the stour.

There is a sweet, sweet song,
Bending among the wheat;
With feathery breast,
He flies to meet the purpling east.



Soft beneath the stone it rises,
Crushed beneath the clod.
I can find no power to save you,
Still, you arise–
As softly as a feather,
As tender as a song.


Cold blew the bitter north,
Still you came forth;
Barely rose amid the storm,
Such a tender form.

The garden flowers yield,
You have only woods to shield;
Beneath the dirt and stone,
You rise alone.
You rise alone.
You rise alone.



Now, drink some scotch and eat some haggis!  Cheers, ye tender flowers!